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My sister and I riding Cindy, our pony.
My sister and I riding Cindy, our pony.

I grew up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in an old farm house with a big family and lots of pets. I used to feel somewhat isolated on the farm, especially as a teenager, wondering if I would ever see the rest of the world. Now I know how much freedom I had running around open fields, eating fresh vegetables from our garden and staying up past dark to catch fire flies.

We spent our summer vacations either in Cape May, New Jersey or the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Both are beautiful places that still bring back wonderful memories. My love for all things nautical and beachy came from these summer visits. As a family, we never went to Disney World or theme parks, but we always made our annual visit to the beach.

I have two jobs. My biggest job is being a mom to my two beautiful children. My days consist of preparing food for my kids, cleaning up after my kids, and taking my kids to school and other activities. My first job keeps me very busy.

My second job, when I have time, is writing. I have four children’s books about animals along the Chesapeake Bay here in Maryland. I love children, I love animals, and I love the outdoors. What better way to celebrate my favorite things than through children’s books. I enjoy sharing these books with my young readers at book signings and school visits.

It was a long journey becoming a children’s book author. I look forward to sharing some tips I have learned along the way in the Writing section of the blog.

I also have a hobby when there is precious time in my schedule. I adore making crafts. I used to make kid’s crafts even before I had kids. I’m sharing my favorites in the Craft section.

Now you know a little about me. I’ve just started blogging and chronicling my hectic life as a mom and a writer. I’m hoping it will help me to stay organized and focused on the beautiful things around me.

Thanks for letting me share!

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