Hi, I’m Elaine. Welcome to my website. I write children’s books about sea life along the Chesapeake Bay. Have a look around to find out more about my books. Want to publish your own children’s books? Check out my writing tips page. I also have a crafts page where I share fun craft ideas, as well as a few fun recipes. I hope you enjoy. Tune in each week for updates!
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Family Fun

Beach Scented Air Fresheners

June has finally arrived and with it all of its summertime scents. There’s the delicious aroma coming from barbeques and cookouts, and the familiar smells of fresh cut grass, chlorine from pools, and most of all the familiar summertime scent of sunscreen. My kids love the smell of sunscreen. The moment they smell it, they can’t […]

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Nature Photo Activity

Make these nature inspired photo frames from recycled materials. My favorite season is the Spring. I love all the new life and new blooms on the trees, and every year I take lots of pictures of the kids in front of the new brightly colored trees that were so cold and bare just a few […]

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After School Smoothies

When my kids get home from school, they are hungry and thirsty. I would like them to eat healthy, nutritious snacks, but apple slices and carrot sticks are a hard sell when they’re craving tasty comfort foods. I have found, however, that my kids never say no to a fruit smoothie. I like to vary […]

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Fun Crafts for Kids

Maryland Skipjack Craft

Make these fun skipjacks out of paper towel tubes and recycled paper. According to the Maryland Sea Grant, skipjacks were made by oystermen over 100 years ago specifically to dredge for oysters. They were named after the skipjack fish because they are quick and agile in the water. There were once over a thousand skipjacks […]

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Lighthouse Craft

Make these fun lighthouses out of bottle caps and paper towel tubes. These lighthouses are modeled after the Cape Henry Lighthouses in Virginia which are featured in my children’s book, Olly Explores 7 Wonders of the Chesapeake Bay. The link to the book trailer is below. According to US-Lighthouses.com there are about 680 lighthouses in […]

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Maryland Day Crabs

In addition to its oysters, Maryland is known for its blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. Help celebrate Maryland Day (March 25th) by making these fun crabs out of paper plates and pipe cleaners. The blue crab is Maryland’s state crustacean, and its largest commercial fishery. Its scientific name is Callinectes sapidus, which means savory beautiful swimmer. The […]

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