Frogs Eat Spaghetti…Right?

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Do frogs eat spaghetti? Do whales eat cheesy nachos? Find out what animals eat in this fun and savory romp through the animal kingdom.

Pre-K to grade 3 | 32 pp | 8.5 x 8.5 | Subject categories: Animal Diet, Animal Habitats, Zoology


“Creating relatable characters is one trick to captivating an audience. With four books chock-full of personable organisms such as Olly the Oyster and Mallory the Forgetful Duck, Crofton author Elaine Allen has accomplished this, bringing young boys and girls into her seafaring world.” Zach Sparks, Arundel Voice

“With the curious Olly the Oyster who is looking for adventure, children discover that following the current leads to many wonders big and small.” Angel Limb of PBS’s

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