Playful Ponies

Playful Ponies
Playful Ponies

Make these fun and playful ponies with paper cups and straws.

Ponies are smaller than horses and can be found all over the world. Most ponies are domesticated, but some wild ponies still roam free, like the Chincoteague ponies found on the beaches of Assateague Island.

Follow the directions below to make these fun and playful ponies!

Supplies you will need for one brown “Chincoteague” pony (you can change it up, though, and use any color you like):

1 small paper cup

4 Plastic straws

2 Wiggle eyes

1 Regular size brown pipe cleaner

Brown acrylic paint

White curling ribbon, 6 pieces of various lengths

2 Small brown poms – about 1/2 inch and 1 inch

Sponge brush



Clear tape


First, use the scissors to cut a small hole near the bottom of the cup and repeat on the opposite side. You can pinch the cup where you want to make the hole to make it easier to cut.

Next, use the sponge brush to paint the cup and straws with the acrylic paint, then set aside to dry.

Next, take the pipe cleaner, cut off a two-inch length and set aside. Then take the longer piece and thread it through the holes in the cup. Form one end into a small loop for the tail. Form the other end into a larger loop for the head. Use a piece of clear tape on the inside of the cup to hold the pipe cleaner in place. See the picture or watch the video below for guidance.

Next, take the small piece of pipe cleaner that was set aside earlier, and twist it around the top of the head to form the ears.

Next, glue the straws on the inside of the cup and allow to dry.

Next, tie the curling ribbon around the tail and neck for the pony’s tail and mane. Score them with scissors to make them extra curly.

Next, glue the poms to the head and add the wiggle eyes.

I hope you enjoy making these fun and playful ponies with your kids!

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