Workshop at the Annapolis Regional Library

Author Workshop at Annapolis Regional Library
Discussing strategies for social media

The author workshop for Creating a Social Media Plan at the Annapolis Regional Library was a big success! As a group we discussed how to develop your brand as a writer, the essentials of a great website, and strategies for social media. Special thanks to Sarah Maynard for coordinating this wonderful event!

Here are a few comments from some of the participants when asked if they found the workshop helpful:

“Yes! Great detail. I like that each social media site was talked about.”

“Very. Wonderful! Thank you!”

“Yes, I learned a lot today. Thank you so much! You are a wealth of knowledge.”

“Elaine has a pleasant, soft-spoken voice. I love her informative and entertaining books.”

“Extremely. I learned a lot of very useful info and techniques. I had already read 4 books on use of social media. But this was especially helpful…Must do another.”

I want to say thanks to all the participants of this workshop. I learned from them all, and we had such a great afternoon!


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