Thanksgiving Wind Socks

Thanksgiving Windsocks
Thanksgiving Windsocks

I wanted the kids to do a fun craft for Thanksgiving. Something different from the hand print turkeys at school, although I love hand print turkeys and will cherish them forever. I decided to have the kids make wind socks.

I actually almost bought wind socks because I’ve been wanting to put something in the back yard that catches the wind. In addition to providing a whimsical element to my yard, it goes along with my decorating sense. I enjoy Feng Shui decorating, and wind elements are perfect for the back left side of my yard. Objects that catch the wind represent the flow of wealth, and hey, anything that will help in this area of my life is welcome.

We started with an empty paper towel roll cut in half. Using a hole punch, we punched holes around the bottom. Then we began gluing tissue paper onto the rolls. My daughter had cut out leaf shapes, while my son had cut long shapes that would be feathers for a turkey.


We used a craft varnish to glue on the pieces and then painted the varnish on top as a sealer.

I also helped my son to paint a turkey on one side of the roll. The feathers made of tissue paper spread out on the back of the roll.

My daughter also painted brown craft paint around her leaves. She said it makes it more like Thanksgiving. The varnish took about an hour to dry.

After the rolls were dry, we tied orange package ribbons around the bottom and I scraped one side of each ribbon with a pair of scissors to make them curl. We also tied ribbon at the top for hanging.

They are cute and whimsical and better than store-bought because my kids made them. As for Feng Shui and the flow of wealth, we’ll wait and see….

I think we’ll have wind socks for every season!

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