Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This little guy sits proudly on his plate.

My family is super excited for Thanksgiving, as we are every year. It is one of my favorite holidays because it involves family, lots of delicious food, and giving thanks. So, in honor of the big day coming up, my kids and I are making these adorable little turkeys that will adorn our plates on Thanksgiving day. The orange placemats in this photo are actually crocheted, made by my grandmother. It’s so much fun to use things that are handmade by the people you love.

For this craft I’m once again using basic craft materials that I already have around the house. Here is a list of what you’ll need to make these turkeys.


2 Brown (unbleached) Coffee filters

Blue tinsel Pom-Pom, size 1.3 inch

Materials needed
Materials needed

2 White Pom-Poms, size .5 inch

2 Small wiggle eyes

Sisal rope, about 12 inches in length

Glue gun

Craft glue



First, use craft glue to glue the wiggle eyes onto one small, white Pom-Pom and set aside. Then fold a brown coffee filter in half. Glue the blue Pom-Pom to the coffee filter. You may have to hold it for a minute or so until it is tacky enough to stick. Then glue a small, white Pom-Pom on top and hold it. Then add the white Pom-Pom with the wiggle eyes and hold it again.

Use unbleached coffee filters

 Next, use the scissors to cut a tiny beak and wattle from the second coffee filter. Glue them to the Pom-Pom with the wiggle eyes. Since they are lighter, the wet glue will hold them in place.

Use craft glue for beak
Use craft glue for beak

Then, wind the sisal rope into a tight coil. This is where the glue gun comes in handy. You may want to do this part ahead of time so the kids aren’t tempted to help with the hot glue.

Glue will be hot
Glue will be hot

Hold the rope in a tight coil until it cools and dries, which doesn’t take long. After the glue dries, you can use the glue gun (or the craft glue if the kids are helping again) to glue the turkey to the sisal pedestal.

Glue the turkey to the sisal pedestal.
Glue the turkey to the sisal pedestal.

Now your turkey is complete! Make one for each plate as a decoration, or you can add a name card to use as a place holder. I particularly love the beachy feel of these turkeys with their blue and natural brown tones, but you can use any color that fits with your décor.

I hope you enjoy your holiday turkeys and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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