Halloween Bats

Halloween Bat
Halloween Bat

Make these fun and easy Halloween bats with plastic lids and coffee filters.

Bats are nocturnal animals preferring to spend their days in caves and rock cervices before venturing out at night for food. They like to eat mosquitos, moths, and other insects.

Follow the directions below to make these fun and easy Halloween bats!

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Playful Ponies

Playful Ponies
Playful Ponies

Make these fun and playful ponies with paper cups and straws.

Ponies are smaller than horses and can be found all over the world. Most ponies are domesticated, but some wild ponies still roam free, like the Chincoteague ponies found on the beaches of Assateague Island.

Follow the directions below to make these fun and playful ponies!

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Colorful Camels

Colorful Camels
Colorful Camels

Make these fun and colorful camels with jumbo pipe cleaners and plastic cups from store bought fruit snacks.

Camels live in the desert regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. They like to eat dates and thorny plants.

Follow the directions below to make these fun and colorful camels!

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Crafty Ghost Crabs

Crafty Ghost Crabs
Crafty Ghost Crabs

Make these fun little ghost crabs with plastic Pringles lids.

Ghost crabs can be found on warm beaches near the water’s edge. They like to burrow into the sand during the day and scurry out at night to look for food. Follow the directions below to make these adorable ghost crabs.

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Sandpiper Craft

Sandpiper Craft
Recycled Sandpipers

Make these adorable sandpipers with recycled egg cartons.

Sandpipers are shorebirds that live along beaches, estuaries, and mudflats. Did you know that sandpipers use their long beaks to poke into the sand and look for food?

Follow the directions below to make your own sandpipers.

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Easy Owl Craft for Fall

Owl trio
Recycled Owls

Make these fun little owls with recycled paper tubes and coffee filters.

Owls are present all year round. But they tend to be louder in the Fall with their hooting noises as they establish their territories before winter. They can be aggressive predators of mice, frogs, and even small rabbits! But it’s undeniable that they are also very cute. Follow the directions below for these adorable, nocturnal birds.

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Oyster Treasure Box Craft

Oyster Treasure Box

Make these oyster reef treasure boxes with recycled egg cartons.

This egg carton treasure box celebrates the oyster reef! An oyster reef is a place where sea animals find food, shelter and protection from predators. Oyster reefs also play an important role in the environment by filtering and cleaning the water. This oyster treasure box comes complete with friendly oysters, a sea worm, skillet fish, mudcrab and pearls!

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