Featured Item: Art Door

Create an Art Door!
Create an Art Door!

Ever wonder what to do with all the art work that your children create at home and at school? This is a constant issue in my household as my kids are constantly creating art, and I love everything they come up with. Not only do I want to save them all (by the mountain load), but I want to display them so that all can see my talented artists’ work.

A friend gave me this fabulous idea of pinning the art on the interior of the basement door. This is a door that is open a lot and frequently used. But, it can be easily shut if I want to hide the clutter from guests.

I keep this door updated every week and put the older pieces aside for saving, or to hang in the toy room. This way the art becomes a wonderful focal point in my kitchen and a constant source of pride rather than a pile of clutter in a drawer.

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