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Olly’s Treasure Book Trailer


Reading Olly's Treasure
Reading Olly’s Treasure

The book trailer for Olly’s Treasure is here! I love this story because it is about the real treasures we have in oyster reefs as well as in our own friendships, community and environment.

Here is the full description… 

When Olly spies a sunken ship just beyond the oyster reef, he decides to explore the old wreck to see if there is treasure on board. Inside the sunken ship, Olly finds all the treasure he could ever imagine, with silver vases, gold coins, and shiny gemstones everywhere he looks. But what is treasure without a friend to share it? Journey under the Chesapeake Bay with Olly and his friends to learn why his oyster reef is all the treasure he needs. 

“Charming colorful illustrations give faces and personalities to Olly and his friends, making Olly’s Treasure even more appealing to young readers preschool to grade 2.” Midwest Book Review

“In her second book, Olly’s Treasure, the oyster is again on the scene beneath the sea but this time he discovers that true treasure is not found in gold and gems but in his very own habitat with his friends.” The Capital/The Crofton-West County Gazette, by Jennifer Ginn

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Olly’s Treasure


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