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My new children’s book, Olly Explores 7 Wonders of the Chesapeake Bay is now available in stores and online! This is the third book in the Olly the Oyster series, with illustrations by Kelli Nash of Baltimore, Maryland. This latest edition follows my favorite little oyster, Olly, as he embarks on an adventure to see the sights along the Chesapeake Bay. Here is a brief description:

Olly the Oyster is ready for an adventure. So when Mr. Oyster tells him about the wonders of the Chesapeake Bay, he sets off to see them. Following along with Olly, kids will learn about some wonders that fly, like the Great Blue Heron, a symbol of the Bay; some that shine at night, like the Cape Henry Lighthouse; and even a wonder where you can find fossils of crocodile teeth—the Calvert Cliffs.

As Olly meets and chats with new friends like fiddler crabs, barnacles, and rockfish, he learns about the creatures, people, and places that form the community of the Chesapeake. Olly the Oyster helps the importance of the Bay and its ecosystem come to life.

With Ken Kennedy, owner of Edgewater Books
With Ken Kennedy of Edgewater Books

Because this book has a regional theme, it may not be on the stacks of everyone’s local bookstore. However, it can be ordered from any store– both small, independent bookstores and the larger stores like Barnes and Noble. In the photo to the right I’m standing with the owner of Edgewater Books, our local children’s bookstore in Edgewater, Maryland.

Here are a few links to online stores:

Barnes & Noble


Here is a book trailer for the new book:


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