Nature Photo Activity

Yellow blooms
Yellow blooms

Make these nature inspired photo frames from recycled materials.

My favorite season is the Spring. I love all the new life and new blooms on the trees, and every year I take lots of pictures of the kids in front of the new brightly colored trees that were so cold and bare just a few weeks ago. This year I decided to let the kids have a chance to be the photographers and take lots of pictures of their own. So, each with a camera in hand, they went out into the neighborhood to take pictures of nature.

When they got back, I thought it would be fun to display the photos in a fun way that wouldn’t require buying new frames. So, we came up with these nature inspired recycled frames made from plastic lids from Pringles cans (my kids love Pringles) and sisal rope for decorative trim. They are affixed to the wall with Command poster strips.

Supplies you will need:


5 Plastic lids (we used lids from Pringles cans)

Sisal rope

Photo paper (or regular printing paper)

Marker or pencil



Wall mounting strips (I used Command poster strips)

Nature photo activity


Print your photos using photo paper, or regular printing paper if that’s what you have on hand. If you use paper that has been recycled, even better. I happened to have photo paper on hand and to be honest, I love how shiny and glossy it looks for this project.

For each photo, turn the photo over and center the plastic lid on the back. Use a pencil or marker to trace around the lid and then cut out the circle. You will have to cut a little bit inside the line of the circle so that it will fit properly inside the lid. Use glue to affix the photos to the inside of each lid.

Then take the sisal rope and tuck it along the interior edge of the lid, cutting the rope so that it just meets the other end. Take the rope out and add glue along the inner edge before tucking the rope back in place. Attach poster mounting strips to the back of each new photo frame and line them up on the wall for a beautiful addition to your Spring décor.

This project is great for Earth Day or any day where kids can go outside and appreciate nature and its beauty! I hope you enjoy this fun project with your kids:)

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34 thoughts on “Nature Photo Activity

  1. I absolutely love these and they would look wonderful on my front porch. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  2. Now that the weather is warming up we are outdoors more so this will be a great, fun project to do with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. what a great idea! Including the kids… Slowing things down and having them appreciate nature is awesome!!!! The rope detail is perfect too.

  4. I love these and the sisal rope really looks great with the beautiful pictures your kids took. I bet your kids had fun looking for the animals and the different things out doors to photograph. Pinned!!!

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