Leprechauns Invade

Crafty Leprechauns
Crafty Leprechauns

My kids love all the holidays, especially ones with little fairies involved that dress in green hats with buckles and leave gold coins in their wake. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we spent last Friday evening making our own little leprechauns out of egg cartons.

First the kids cut out sections of the egg cartons and painted them green.

After they dried, we used construction paper for the buckles around the hats and orange ribbons curled up to represent curly leprechaun beards. Wiggle eyes make them come to life. Don’t forget the gold coins made with paper and yellow markers!

By the time we were done, we had enough leprechauns to form a soccer team. Three are pictured here on the left.

Making Leprechauns
Making Leprechauns

Another fun idea for St. Patrick’s day is to make a little place for the leprechaun to visit while he is here. That way he’ll leave more coins;)

My daughter made this little “apartment” using part of an old doll house. It is fully equipped with a hammock, lounging area and disco room. The light fixture has a strobe light. I don’t remember where it came from, probably the dollar store along with some of the other items here. The “stage” is made from the tops of play dough containers.

Pretty cool retreat for your average leprechaun on a break from making mischief on St. Patrick’s Day.

This little “apartment” will go out on our porch this Saturday night and hopefully the leprechaun will enjoy it and leave plenty of gold coins behind.

Fun Leprechaun apartment
Fun Leprechaun apartment

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