Leftover Easter Bunnies

Use leftover plastic eggs to make these cute bunnies.

I don’t like to say goodbye to Easter, especially so early in the Spring. So, I couldn’t resist grabbing some of those leftover plastic eggs that are all over the house and making a fun craft. Check out these adorable Easter bunnies.

I used cotton balls for the feet and tail, pipe cleaners for the ears and whiskers, and of course, wiggle eyes. The blue bunny has a clear bead for the nose, and the green bunny has a yellow pompom.

They each have their own little personalities and my kids adore them.

Unfortunately, so does our cat, who is rapidly deconstructing our new little creatures as she bats them around the floor.

I’m going to attempt to save our little bunnies and tuck them away for next year when I can pull them out again to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

The theme of renewal and Spring is featured in my book, Mallory the Forgetful Duck. Watch the book trailer below.

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