Land on Mars: Fun Futuristic Fruit Salad for Kids

Land on Mars
Futuristic Fruit Salad

Sometimes it takes a little creativity to get the kids to eat their daily portions of fruit. I tried this fun futuristic fruit salad (say that five times fast) and the kids scarfed it up. With all the recent talk about possible future missions to Mars, could this fruit salad be educational? Who knows, maybe Martians really do look like kiwi with red grapes for heads;)

For variation, you could also use apple slices cut in half for the supports around rocket ship, and red cherries for the Martians’ heads. Also, if you can find a tiny American flag, that would be fun, if not edible.

Here is a list of the ingredients:

2 slices of kiwi for the Martian bodies

2 red seedless grapes for the Martian heads

1/2 banana for the rocket ship

2 slices of an orange cut in half for the supports around the rocket

2 strawberry flavored Fruit Roll-ups for the planet surface

1 toothpick with a piece of Fruit Roll-up for the flag

I hope your kids enjoy this fun fruit salad!

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