Ghostly Sea Shell Garland

Sea Shell Ghosts
Sea Shell Ghosts

My family loves to collect sea shells during our summer trips to the beach. So, I try to find creative ways to use them all year round. Here are some shells “dressed up” like spooky ghosts for Halloween.

I draped these ghostly creatures along the handrail of the outdoor steps to “frighten” unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Supplies you will need:

5 to 10 sea shells

sisal rope

white paint (tempera or acrylic)

a paper towel to daub on the paint

black construction paper for the eyes

glue gun

hole punch

Sea shells
Arrange your shells


First, clean the shells, if you haven’t already done so. Then place them along the sisal rope that has been cut to about 3 feet in length. Once you’ve decided which shells to use and where they should be placed, move them to a surface for painting. I used a paper towel to “daub” on white tempera paint so that the shells were not completely covered in paint. That way the natural look of the sea shell was able to show through. Some of the shells needed very little paint.

While the shells are still wet, use the hole punch to punch out black circles from the black construction paper. Then put them on the shells for the eyes. The wet paint acts as the glue. Once the shells are completely dry, use the glue gun on the back side of the smaller end of each shell and place them along the rope. Be sure to leave some room at each end of the garland so that you can tie the ends to a banister or the branches of a tree.

I hope you enjoy your spooky sea shell garland:)



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