Easy Story Template for Kids

Write a Story
Write a Story

Help kids write their own stories with these easy templates. Choose from two writing templates; one is a half-fold template and the other is a quarter-fold template. They are both easy to make, however, the half-fold allows for a little more room to illustrate the story. The half-fold template also has a space for an author’s bio.

Print the templates and fold so that the pages form the story. Read the prompts on each page to guide you in figuring out how the pages should fold together.

For the spine, it may be helpful to staple, or hole-punch and tie string through the holes.

Make one “book” for each student. Have the children fill in the blanks on each page of their story. Each page has a written prompt to help them write their story. Then they can go back and illustrate each page.

You may find it helpful to place the story under a projector and guide students with each page as they go.

Once students are finished, have them volunteer to come up in front of the class and read their stories to the class. I have found that students are very proud of finishing their new book and enjoy sharing it.