Easy Owl Craft for Fall

Owl trio
Recycled Owls

Make these fun little owls with recycled paper tubes and coffee filters.

Owls are present all year round. But they tend to be louder in the Fall with their hooting noises as they establish their territories before winter. They can be aggressive predators of mice, frogs, and even small rabbits! But it’s undeniable that they are also very cute. Follow the directions below for these adorable, nocturnal birds.

Supplies you will need for one owl:

1 Paper tube (you can use a toilet paper roll or a paper towel tube cut in half)

2 Large wiggle eyes

1 Coffee Filter

2 Bottle caps

Owl Supplies

1 Piece of orange construction paper for the nose

Gold, brick red, or dark orange craft paint

Sponge brush




Using a sponge brush, paint the paper tube with brick red, gold, or dark orange craft paint. I chose these colors because they are deep, rich, woodsy colors that go along with the Fall theme. But any color would work. Even colors like pink, blue, or purple would be fun.

After the paint dries, fold down the sides of one end of the tube to form the ears. Then glue the wiggle eyes to the inside of the bottle caps. Next, glue the bottle caps to the paper tube near the top. Then cut a small triangle from the orange construction paper for the nose and glue it under the eyes.

Finally, take the coffee filter and fold it in half for the wings. Glue to the back of the paper tube.

I hope you enjoy making these bright and cheerful owls with your kids!

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