Central Elementary

Writing stories
Writing stories

I recently visited Central Elementary School in Edgewater, Maryland. It was such a great day! Amy Shinn and the teachers were warm and inviting and the students were so engaged and adorable.

First, I met with the Green Club and demonstrated how oysters filter the water.  Here I am in the first photo pouring “dirty” water through coffee filters to show how oysters perform a similar function in the Chesapeake Bay. Students then made their own little oysters with coffee filters, wiggle eyes and craft Pom-Poms for pearls. I think the pearls were their favorite parts:)

Next, I met with 2nd grade students for a writer’s workshop. Students wrote and illustrated their own stories and then shared them with the class. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and creativity in writing and reading their stories. Thanks Amy Shinn, the teachers, and the wonderful students at Central Elementary for making a fun day!!!

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