After School Smoothies


Healthy and delicious smoothies.

When my kids get home from school, they are hungry and thirsty. I would like them to eat healthy, nutritious snacks, but apple slices and carrot sticks are a hard sell when they’re craving tasty comfort foods. I have found, however, that my kids never say no to a fruit smoothie.

I like to vary the ingredients each day, but the basic recipe is below. To save a few dollars, I buy frozen fruit in big bulky bags from the freezer department at the grocery store. Some bags have all of the same fruit, like all peaches or all strawberries. Others have mixes of different berries or pineapple with mangoes.  I like to have at least two different kinds of fruit in the freezer so that I can vary the flavors each day. I also like to change up the juice I use, and even the type of milk I use. Vanilla almond milk, for instance, has a great flavor and gives the smoothie a nice texture.

Whatever combination I use, these smoothies always taste great. A fancy glass and a colorful straw make them taste even better!

Smoothie PMIngredients:

2 Cups frozen fruit (I used mixed berries for the one in the photo)

1 Cup milk (any kind)

1 Cup cranberry juice (or any juice on hand)

1 Yogurt tube

1 Banana

2 Teaspoons sugar (optional)

Add all of the above ingredients to a blender. Hit the pulse button about 6 times to break everything down and then blend for 60 seconds. Serves 3

I hope your children enjoy these fun and tasty smoothies when they come home from school!

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  1. My daughter was just asking if we could make smoothies, and now I have some ideas. Thank you!

  2. Yummy! Great idea for an afterschool snack and I love smoothies! I’ve tried it a few times with coconut milk as well with great results. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I buy our fruit in bulk bags from Costco, and I usually add spinach as well. The kids love this after school. The straw is super important. Somehow it makes everything taste better. 🙂

  4. Yum this looks so good, it’s getting warmer in Phoenix so I am all about the smoothies!

  5. We love smoothies! I don’t make them as often as I could, but my kids always ask for them. I have slipped a bit of spinach in on occasion- they never notice!

  6. My kids love smoothies and would have them everyday for every meal if I allowed it. I guess there are worse things to indulge in.

  7. Yum–I love smoothies and so does my toddler! 🙂 I just wish there was an easier way to clean the blender, haha. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  8. We never have enough smoothie ideas! Thanks for sharing this one, I always make one before my daughter’s dance class!

  9. JcCee Watkins Barney says:

    This looks delicious! A smoothie is a great way to get those veggies into your children body that they would not normally want to eat. We love smoothies at our house.

  10. That’s a coincidence – I just made smoothies after school yesterday! It’s nice for a change and I like that it gets us eating fruit. These look good 🙂

  11. Great recipe, smoothies are a great idea to bridge the hungry gap after school. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for the tip; great drink for a thirsty and hungry tween after football! via CBN

  13. Delicious! I have been making green smoothies lately, but need some variation. I am new to the smoothie world- why did it take so long? Thanks for the recipie.

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