Springtime Baby Birds

Baby birds cuddle together

Baby birds cuddle together

Make these adorable birds and their nests using craft Poms, plastic Easter eggs and brown paper bags.

Spring is the time of year when birds are returning to their northern stomping grounds, building their nests, and settling down to lay their eggs. In honor of bird migration and new beginnings offered by springtime, I’m posting this fun craft that entails making a bird’s nest out of a brown paper bag, which then becomes the home of a new baby bird that kids will make out of craft Poms and plastic Easter eggs.

I make this craft with students when I visit schools to read my children’s book,  Mallory the Forgetful Duck. The picture to the right shows a baby Mallard, but I bring all colors of Poms and eggs so that every child’s baby bird has its own “personality”.

Baby Mallard

Baby Mallard

The kids get a kick out of making their own “pets”. They give their new baby birds a name and then they assure me that they won’t forget about their baby birds, like Mallory does in the story. Actually, Mallory only loses her nest in the story (not the baby birds) and turns out to be a very good mommy bird (Spoiler Alert:)

Supplies you will need:

1 Brown paper bag

1 Craft Pom, any color, size 1 ½ inch

1 Plastic Easter egg, any color

2 Wiggle eyes, any color



Baby birds collageDirections:

Cut the brown paper bag in half. Set aside the top portion to use later. Roll down the sides of the bottom portion so that the egg will nestle in the bottom of the bag with the sides folded down around it.

Glue wiggle eyes to the Pom. Then grab the top portion of the brown bag and cut small triangles for the bird’s wings and beak. Glue them carefully to the Pom in the appropriate places. Then place the finished Pom (baby bird) inside the plastic Easter egg, and put the egg on its new nest. You can glue the egg to the nest if desired. But, I have found that kids like to pick it up and nestle the egg in their hands.

I hope your children enjoy this baby bird craft and delight in the spirit of new life and new beginnings that it brings.

See our baby birds!

See our baby birds!



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  1. Oh my! These are adorable!! I think I will make this with my kids today! Thanks for the idea!!

  2. These are so cute! My kids would love something like this.

  3. These are so cute. My kids will love this. I’m going to get the supplies together for the weekend. Thank you for the great idea. Stopping by from Creative Bloggers.

  4. I love these, they are so adorable! I think I want to make them and put a few in each of my children’s Easter Baskets!

  5. Their little faces all have different expressions! Very cute.

  6. These are really sweet, my daughter is going to love making them 🙂

  7. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing on the Spring Craft Blog Hop.

  8. So so cute! I have this goal this year to do more crafting with the kids, I just need to get the house sorted so we can use the kitchen!!
    Thanks for this!

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