Fun Crafts

Maryland Skipjack Craft

Make a skipjack!

Make a skipjack!

Make these fun skipjacks out of paper towel tubes and recycled paper.

According to the Maryland Sea Grant, skipjacks were made by oystermen over 100 years ago specifically to dredge for oysters. They were named after the skipjack fish because they are quick and agile in the water. There were once over a thousand skipjacks on the Chesapeake Bay. Now there are only about 20 left. And, even less are still actively used to dredge for oysters. [Read more…]

Lighthouse Craft

Lighthouse craft3

Cape Henry Lighthouses

Make these fun lighthouses out of bottle caps and paper towel tubes.

These lighthouses are modeled after the Cape Henry Lighthouses in Virginia which are featured in my children’s book, Olly Explores 7 Wonders of the Chesapeake Bay. The link to the book trailer is below.

According to there are about 680 lighthouses in the United States. The original Cape Henry lighthouse is made out of bricks. A new lighthouse was built in 1882 when the older one developed cracks and became unsafe. [Read more…]

Maryland Day Crabs

Maryland crabs

Maryland crabs

In addition to its oysters, Maryland is known for its blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. Help celebrate Maryland Day (March 25th) by making these fun crabs out of paper plates and pipe cleaners.

The blue crab is Maryland’s state crustacean, and its largest commercial fishery. Its scientific name is Callinectes sapidus, which means savory beautiful swimmer.

The second crab in the picture shown displays Maryland’s state flag–a fun way to show state pride.

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Springtime Baby Birds

Baby birds cuddle together

Baby birds cuddle together

Make these adorable birds and their nests using craft Poms, plastic Easter eggs and brown paper bags.

Spring is the time of year when birds are returning to their northern stomping grounds, building their nests, and settling down to lay their eggs. In honor of bird migration and new beginnings offered by springtime, I’m posting this fun craft that entails making a bird’s nest out of a brown paper bag, which then becomes the home of a new baby bird that kids will make out of craft Poms and plastic Easter eggs. [Read more…]

Angelfish Ornament

Angelfish Ornament

Angelfish Ornament

I love homemade ornaments. We gave our Christmas tree a nautical theme this year with these colorful Angelfish. Made of polymer clay, they’re easy to make and they look great on our tree. You can use any color of clay to make these. Here is how we did it! [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


This little guy sits proudly on his plate.

My family is super excited for Thanksgiving, as we are every year. It is one of my favorite holidays because it involves family, lots of delicious food, and giving thanks. So, in honor of the big day coming up, my kids and I are making these adorable little turkeys that will adorn our plates on Thanksgiving day. The orange placemats in this photo are actually crocheted, made by my grandmother. It’s so much fun to use things that are handmade by the people you love. [Read more…]

Ghostly Sea Shell Garland

Sea Shell Ghosts

Sea Shell Ghosts

My family loves to collect sea shells during our summer trips to the beach. So, I try to find creative ways to use them all year round. Here are some shells “dressed up” like spooky ghosts for Halloween.

I draped these ghostly creatures along the handrail of the outdoor steps to “frighten” unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

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Easy Oyster Craft

Students show off their oysters.

Students show off their oysters.

Oyster season has arrived! There is an old saying which espouses that oysters should only be eaten in months with an R, ideally September through April. Today, however, with modern refrigeration and oyster farming all year round, oysters can be eaten any time of year. But, some oyster aficionados hold that oysters are at their freshest and tastiest in the Fall.

In honor of the fall harvest, I’m posting this easy oyster craft. I make this craft with students when I visit schools to read my children’s book, Olly the Oyster Cleans the Bay. I teach children that oysters are great for the environment because they are filter feeders and natural cleaners in the water. [Read more…]

Mommy Daughter Tea Sets

Tea set

Make these mini tea sets with your little girl

My 10 year old daughter and I made these tea sets recently in celebration of Mother’s Day. Made from Sculpey Clay, they are actually very easy to make.

Most pieces began with making a small ball out of the clay. Then we used the eraser end of a pencil to make the hole inside each piece. Just make the ball smaller for a cup, and bigger for a teapot, creamer or sugar bowl. [Read more…]

Leftover Easter Bunnies


Use leftover plastic eggs to make these cute bunnies.

I don’t like to say goodbye to Easter, especially so early in the Spring. So, I couldn’t resist grabbing some of those leftover plastic eggs that are all over the house and making a fun craft. Check out these adorable Easter bunnies. I used cotton balls for the feet and tail, pipe cleaners for the ears and whiskers, and of course, wiggle eyes. The blue bunny has a clear bead for the nose, and the green bunny has a yellow pompom. They each have their own little personalities and my kids adore them. Unfortunately, so does our cat, Frisky, who is rapidly deconstructing our new little creatures as she bats them around the floor. [Read more…]